All food sold at the Naperville Artisan Market must be either: i) prepared in a commercial kitchen; or ii) made by vendors with a Cottage Food License.

Vendors serving food to the public during the event — including sampling, or offering perishable items requiring refrigeration or heating — must obtain a temporary food service permit.

Pre-packaged samples that are non-perishable do not require a temporary food permit.

The DuPage County Health Department requires us to provide a list of all Food Vendors, and we comply with all such requests. Both the City of Naperville, IL and the Village of Oak Brook, IL are located in DuPage County. If you are participating in multiple markets within DuPage County, it may make sense to apply for a “Multi-location Permit” from DuPage County.  

Vendors participating in multiple markets in the State of Illinois may benefit from a “IDPH Sampling Permit” in lieu of a temporary permit issued by the DuPage County Health Department.   

It is the responsibility of each vendor to adhere to all State, County, and City/Village requirements. 

We strongly recommend that you contact the county (contact information below) if the rules on their website are unclear. Although we are here to help, we are not experts in this area and DuPage County has the right to shut down any vendor for non compliance to food safety protocols. 

  • Cottage Food vendors are not allowed to handle food on site.  If you are a Cottage Food vendor and you choose to sample, your samples must be pre-packaged.
  • The DuPage County will accept IDPH Sampling Permits.  As such, if you are a vendor selling non-perishable food, you can use your Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) Sample permit in lieu of for the DuPage County Health Department Temporary permit.
Please check with DuPage County directly (contact info below) if you have questions regarding what is allowed or any related permit fees after you’ve reviewed the links above.
DuPage County Health Department
Mirta Ortega  – Phone: (630) 221-7178
or Shqiponja Zeneli