Naperville Artisan Market May 20-21, 2023

Please make sure to pay IL Sales-Tax

Naperville Artisan Market Aug 12-13, 2023

Please make sure to pay IL Sales-Tax


All exhibitors making sales in Illinois are required to report and pay all tax due based on their total receipts within ten (10) days of the close of the exhibit.  The current tax rate for the location of the special event is printed on the coupon.  The appropriate coupon (IDOR – 6 SETR form) can be found via the link above. 


For questions regarding sales tax, IDOR-6-SETR/Special Event Tax Collection Form or if you should apply for an Illinois Business Tax Number, please contact the Illinois Department of Revenue (IDOR)  at (847) 294-4475 or email rev.specialevents@illinois.gov. 

Additional Tax Payer Assistance  can be requested at the following numbers (847) 294-4200 / (217) 785-3707.  At these number the State can validate that you following the appropriate procedure for your specific circumstance.