Certificate of Insurance (COI):  Please provide with a certificate of insurance for Umbrella Liability Insurance or Special Event Liability Insurance as specified below. Email to us at events@stylechicago.com.

You typically can obtain a COI by calling your insurance broker or insurance company and requesting that they email you a Certificate of Insurance naming both a certificate holder and additionally insured parties.  (If they’re reputable, they should be able to send this to you a COI the same day or within 24 hours – and at no additional charge.)

Date of Events:  Saturday & Sunday, Aug 6-7, 2022 | Sat & Sunday, October 8-9, 2022

You must name the Certificate Holder (see below) and additional insured parties its landlord, employees, contractors, and contracted vendors as additionally insured parties and protect against bodily injury, property damage, personal injury and other loss arising out of your use and occupancy of the premises. The insurance should have a single liability limit of not less than $1 million and a general aggregate liability limit of not less than $2 million.

Please provide the named party details below for your insurance carrier or broker to include on the certificate:

Please list the Certificate Holder: INV Marketing Group LLC, 31 Cambridge Drive, Oak Brook, IL 60523

Inclusions/Waivers: Certificate holder is included as an additional insured.

Notice of Cancellation Clause should read: Should any of the policies described herein be cancelled before the expiration date thereof, the insurer affording coverage will mail 30 days written notice to the certificate holder named herein. Any renewal certificate for any policies expiring prior to the satisfactory completion of the Services shall be provided to Company at least ten (10) days prior to the expiration of such policy.

 Additional Insured Parties:

  • Calamos Property Holdings LLC, 2020 Calamos Court, Naperville, IL 60563
  • CityGate Centre III LLC
  • Calamos Investments LLC
  • CityGate Centre Hotel LLC CityGate Centre I LLC
  • CityGate Hospitality LLC 2155 CityGate Lane LLC
  • CityGate Centre II LLC 2191
  • CityGate Lane LLC
  • Westings Corporate Community Owners Association